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New Patient Visit

When pains and aches get in the way of life, it can be difficult to enjoy the little things. Getting out of bed seems like a chore. Make an appointment at the Accident Clinic of SWFL, we can help lift your spirits and get you on the move to start enjoying life again. 


On the first visit, there will be paperwork, an exam, and treatment. In the exam, you will have the opportunity to sit with the doctor and let her know where you are hurting, and she will answer any questions you may have. The doctor will go through what treatment is best for you and walk you through how each treatment will benefit and affect your body. Treatment length will be determined on how your body heals. Dr. Michelle assesses your discomfort, pains, and aches every time you come in. Call us today, you'll be glad you did!


Knee Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us Today! 239-945-1717



No insurance no hassle! We do not take health insurance. That means less paperwork, no insurance companies dictating medical care, and no out of network hassles. We keep our prices low. Call us today!



Our main priority is your health, but we know that affordable care is also important. We do not have hidden fees. We do not have expensive care plans. We have a flat pay-as-you-go rate. Our initial exam is $80, treatment is $40. If treatment is done on that day, it will be $120 for the first visit. After that, any additional treatment/adjustment is only $40!



X-rays are prescribed on an as needed basis. On the exam, Dr. Michelle will palpate and decide if an x-ray is medically necessary. 



We open at 7:00 am! We have many patients that love to come in before work, they get adjusted, and they are ready to take on the day. We close for lunch between 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Then we are open until the last patient leaves. If you need a late appointment, call us, we can make it happen! 

In Office Services

Focused on Your

Recovery & Wellness

At the Accident Clinic of SWFL we believe that you deserve focused and specific care, no matter how big or small your accident was. Our goal is to get you moving and feeling like your self again. Every treatment is done by the doctor, not an assistant. Come and experience the difference! 


Our doctor prefers to use a hands on approach. It is known as a diversified technique which enhances joint mobility and minimizes discomfort in the spine. In addition to the spine, Dr. Michelle also adjusts the other joints in your body, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet. Be sure to let her know your aches and pains. If hands on approach isn't for you, we have gentler adjustments available such as the activator technique or drop tables. At our clinic, you will see the the doctor every visit! Don't like your neck adjusted, no problem!

Back Pain Relief


During myofascial release, the doctor will apply light pressure to the affected area with her hands. This will cause a natural blood flow to the area making the muscles feel relaxed, and improve elasticity. The doctor may also use tools to help; they are know as instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM), or Graston. The tools help scrape the scar tissue that forms in areas of the body that cause discomfort.

Chiropractic Care


Physiotherapy is a form of physical therapy. Physiotherapy is a focused type of rehabilitation that helps the body heal naturally after an injury. At the Accident Clinic of SWFL we use a medical grade electrical stimulation to stimulate the muscles and reduce pain and inflammation. Dr. Michelle will also work one on one with you and teach you different stretches and exercises. 

Shoulder Exercises


Our tables are known as "drop" tables. These tables have pieces that elevate the area that is affected. The doctor will apply a quick thrust to the area which will cause the table to drop. This is known to provide a lighter type of adjustment which is just as effective as the other types of adjustments. Our tables also have flexion distraction. Flexion distraction tables cause the bottom piece of the table to move up and down automatically. This causes the spaces in you back to open up allowing more movement in the spine.



What We Treat


Neck Pain











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